Sutta Pitaka
Samyutta Nikāya
Division I - Sagātha
Book 1 - Devatā Saṃyutta
Chapter 5 - Āditta Vagga

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa.



1. 5. 1.

(41) Ādittam - On Fire

Thus I heard. At one time the Blessed One was living in the monastery offered by Anāthapiṇḍika in Jeta's grove in Sāvatthi.

A certain deity, when the night was waning illuminating the whole of Jeta's grove with an effulgent light approached the Blessed One, worshipped and stood on a side.

Standing on a side, that deity pronounced these stanzas in the presence of the Blessed One:

“When the house is on fire, things given away,
Are important, the rest get burnt with the house.
Thus our forefathers were carried away by decay and death,
And whatever they gave got established for them.
The given brought pleasant results, the not given was left behind,
Robbers or kings took them, or it was destroyed by fire.
At the end the body is burnt with all its belongings,
Knowing this the wise partake and give their wealth
By partaking and giving in their capacity
Without blame procure a place in heaven.”


1. 5. 2.

(42) Kimdada - Giving What?

“Giving what is giving strength? Giving what is giving beauty?
Giving what is giving pleasantness? Giving what is giving sight?
Who gives everything? May I know about this?”

“Giving food is giving strength.
Giving clothing is giving beauty.
Giving conveyances is giving pleasantness
And giving light is giving sight
He that gives a dwelling gives everything.
And advising according to the Teaching,
One gives the deathless state.”


1. 5. 3.

(43) Annam - Food

“Gods and men, revel partaking food.
Yet this non-human does not enjoy food?”

“He that bestows him food out of faith, with a pleasant mind
That same he shares in this and the other world
Therefore if gifts are given overcoming the stains of miserliness
The merit establishes beings, well in the other world.”


1. 5. 4.

(44) Ekamuulā - A Single Root

“The sage crossed the abyss with a single root two turns
Three stains, five stones and the ocean with twelve eddies.”


1. 5. 5.

(45) Anomiya - Has No Name.

“His name is Anoma, he sees subtle meanings
Gives wisdom without clinging to sensuality
Look at the sage wise in all matters,
He proceeds along the path of the noble ones.”


1. 5. 6.

(46) Accharā - For The Snapping of the Finger.

“With the snapping of the finger, the demons are associated,
At the end of the forest is the enticement, how is this done?”

“Upright, is the name of the path, no fear is the direction.
Not crooked is the name of the chariot with the eye of the Teaching.
Shame is the brakes and the accessories are mindfulness.
Charioteer I say is the Teaching and right view, the attendant
If any woman or man goes in this direction,
He reaches close up to extinction in this vehicle.”


1. 5. 7.

(47) Vanaropā - Forestation

“Whose wisdom grows constantly day and night?
Which virtuous people live righteously and go to heaven?”

“They who grow orchards, forests, and make bridges,
They who provide water for drinking and give dwellings
Their wisdom grows constantly day and night.
Those virtuous people living righteously go to heaven.”


1. 5. 8.

(48) Jetavana - Jeta's Grove.

“This Jeta's grove, home of many sages,
And inhabited by the king of righteousness, arouses joy in me.”

“Beings who have to die, are purified by actions, knowledge, righteousness,
Virtues and noble livelihood, not by birth or wealth
Therefore the wise for their own welfare
Penetrate into the Teaching and purify their selves
In wisdom, virtues and appeasement like Sāriputta,
Of those bhikkhus who have crossed over, he is the foremost.”


1. 5. 9.

(49) Maccharī - Miserly

“In this world there are the miserly, greedy and the revilers
They destroy gifts given to others. What results do they reap?
And where do they go hereafter? We came to know about this.”

“The miserly, greedy and the revilers, who destroy gifts given to others
Are reborn in hell, as animals or the underworld
If reborn as humans would be in a poor clan,
Clothes, scraps of food, amusement and play, from wherever
They gain with difficulty, when others see them as foolish,
That too they will not gain.
These are results here and now and decrease hereafter.”

“Now we know this. And ask another question:
If a benevolent one, free from miserliness is born in this world,
With unwavering faith in the enlightenment, Teaching
And the Community of bhikkus, what results, does he reap in this world and hereafter?
We want to know this too.”

“If a benevolent one free from miserliness is born in this world,
With unwavering faith in the enlightenment, Teaching
And the Community of bhikkhus
Where he is born, explains the heaven.
If born as a human in this world,
Will be born in a wealthy family with resources
Clothes, scraps of food, amusement and play, he will gain without difficulty.
And he will enjoy the wealth amassed by others, as if it was his own.
These are results here and now and increase, hereafter.”


1. 5. 10.

(50) Ghaṭīkārasuttaṃ

<to be translated>